Ranger Dan's Eco Adventures | Mind, Body and Spirit Day Trip
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Ranger Dan created the Mind Body Spirit Day Trip because he understands the importance of taking time out to reflect on your failures, achievements and needs.

It’s easy to forget the importance of our own self, to put work, friends, family and errands first. But if we forget to nurture our mind, body, and spirit, how are we supposed to manage all of that and perform at our best?

This day trip is perfect for those wanting to escape the city smokes, indulge in delicious organic foods, reconnect with nature and still the mind in order to gain clarity.

Before we get too cliche on you, this day trip is best suited for a small group of 6 or feel free to enquire about coming along and joining another group.

Check out the highlights below or book now

Chill with Giants.
Take that moment to pause, become present and reconnect at the Redwood Forest in East Warburton.
The giant Sequoia Trees at the Redwood Forest have a magical  presence and majestic vibe.
These beautiful, red giants are the tallest tree species in the world. And, for the exploring types, there are over 1400 of them for you get lost in and wander through.
The forest will help bring out your inner earth child, as well as remind us of just how small we really are.
Visit Boinga’s Place
Boinga Bob is an iconic Warburton legend. Boinga built his home from salvaged wood he collected and carved it to mythical beasts to frame the house and also intricate shapes to frame the windows.
He has the travelled the world and has spent a lot of time in Nepal and India, thus his Buddhist inspired temple tree house was created.
He is a personal inspiration to Ranger Dan and plays a huge part in the community and the loveliest old man you’ll ever meet.
Yoga, Sound Bath and Organic goodness at PEACE Farm.
PEACE Farm is a Permaculture farm tucked away and nestled below the mountains of the Yarra Ranges, run by a community of three Families.
This beautiful piece of land is surrounded by mountains and incredible natural beauty. The Yoga and Meditation studio is in a big, old, bluestone house, oozing of charisma and charm. If the weather suits, your 1 hour Yoga session can be held outside with the sun, or if we prefer, inside the charming bluestone.
Relax and drift away during a sound infused meditation, let the songs of singing bowls, gongs, chimes and nourishing chants that take you high above the chimney tops.
Get some farm fresh, organic goodness in your Belly with a Vegetarian (vegan or gluten-free) lunch grown at PEACE Farm itself.
Visit Warburton town and roam the shops
You’ll have some time to check out Treehouse Nature and Healing, a beautiful little shop with a compendium of healing, spiritual and lavish items.
As well as a visit to Warbotanicles, a Holistic Wellbeing Center who sell natural therapies such as skin and body care products, essentials oils, teas, natural medicines and more.
Not up for shopping? No worries, you can have some time to walk along or sit by the Yarra River… the clean and unpolluted and very beginning of the river you may know in the CBD
Choice of: Wine or Rainforest.
Option one: Finish the day with a calming and gentle walk in a cool temperate rainforest located alongside the headwaters of the Yarra River at the Rainforest Gallery on Mt Donna Buang.
Option two: Indulge with a glass of wine, some tastings and a nibble of cheese at Thirsty Wombat Winery. Thirsty Wombat is the smallest Winery in Healesville and they produce their wine as eco-friendly as they possibly can.

Details & Pricing

Tour Leaves:

– Groups accommodation/Individual bookings – Richmond Train Station.
– At 7:30am.
– Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
– By booking 2 weeks in advance.

Drop off:

– Groups accommodation/Individual bookings – Richmond Train Station.
– At approximately 6:30pm depending on group.

 Tour Group size prices:

– Group of 4.                                                                      $600 plus booking fee.
– Group of 6.                                                                      $780 plus booking fee.
– For individual booking please email.                         gday@rangerdans.com.au
– Includes Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and SNACKS!.

Tour Length:

Approximately 9 – 10.5 hours depending on the group.

What to Bring:         

– Your Camera and/or Phone.
– Hiking shoes or trainers.
– Spending money.
– Your smile.
– Warm or cool clothes depending on the weather.
– Yoga-wear

Please Note Ranger Dan’s is an Eco-Friendly Business and encourages people to only leave their footprint at the places we visit.

If you have any help or questions at all feel free to call Ranger Dan directly on:
+614 2900 2169

To live would be an awfully big adventure!
– Peter Pan